Real Estate Development

Sari & Co., led by CEO Jim Sari, has more than 15 years of success as a developer that tailors projects to fit unique market opportunities. With nearly 50 projects as principal developer, Sari & Co. has the vision to see what’s possible and the expertise to make it happen.

Sari & Co. specializes in downtown or community redevelopment projects in which ground-level retail anchors top-notch apartments or condos in the floors above. Properly positioned, such mixed-use projects can appeal enormously to local leaders; Sari & Co. makes a point of engaging both public officials and private interest groups as strategic—or financial—supporters.

Whether the opportunity is a market-rate project, affordable housing or something in between, Sari & Co. knows how to get a community on board—or when to walk away from a deal when it becomes evident that local expectations are unrealistic or otherwise unworkable.

Creative Financing

As important as it is to have, generating broad local enthusiasm will only carry a project so far. What differentiates Sari & Co. is a knack for layering multiple funding sources atop one another to minimize investor risk and maximize potential return.

Sari & Co. is expert in the game-changing art of layered financing. To a degree unmatched, Sari & Co. knows how to leverage soft money and has the record to show for it. Some potential sources are the standard stuff of financing, like federal and state historic property tax credits or low-income housing tax credits. Others are more arcane—like Community Development Block Grants, tax-increment financing, property tax abatements, façade improvement programs—and require strong support by local elected officials.

What Sari & Co. brings to the table is a detailed and intricate understanding of the complex rules and regulations that surround these soft-money grant and loan programs and unrivaled experience in using them to get deals done that would otherwise have died on the ground.

National Recognition

Sari & Co. or its CEO have been involved with numerous projects over the years that have received national, state or local recognition, including these three featured developments:

Globe Tobacco Lofts, 2008 J. Timothy Anderson Award for Excellence in Historic Rehabilitation, National Housing & Rehabilitation Association

Johnson Lakes Apartments, 2008 Affordable Housing Finance Readers Choice Award Finalist for Senior Housing

Nantucket Lofts, 2006 Charles L. Edson Award for the best affordable housing project in a rural area, Affordable Housing Tax-Credit Coalition